ingle wicket cricket is a form of cricket played between two individuals, who take turns to bat and bowl against each other. The one bowling is assisted by a team of fielders, who remain neutral for both opponents at the change of the innings. The player with the most runs is the winner. Single Wicket among other aspects is a game of strength, skills, and dexterity allowing each player to showcase his/her individual talent.

Cricket is evidently a team sport and when two teams play against each other, there is a possibility that the talent of an individual may go unnoticed in the entire team’s performance. However, a tournament like ŠKODA Single Wicket allows every individual player to showcase their talents which will help elevate them to the next level.

What do ŠKODA AUTO and cricket have in common? ŠKODA AUTO and Cricket as a sport, share the same principles of passion, drive and ambition at the core of their very existence and hence, ŠKODA Auto India launched ŠKODA Single Wicket, a tournament with a history that dates back to 1775, SSW is a nationwide quest to find the next generation of up-and-coming cricketers in the U-12 and U-14 categories.

ŠKODA Single Wicket will travel throughout the country in search for the best all-rounders allowing parents a unique opportunity to unlock their child’s hidden talent, true potential and innate drive towards becoming India’s next best cricketer.

ŠKODA Single Wicket is on a mission to serve the cricket community by dispensing opportunities at grassroot levels for young and upcoming cricketers to play undeviating cricket in schools, to provide an environment of participation, learning and success. ŠKODA Single Wicket’s objective is to cultivate the youth and their sportsmanship by reaching out to more than 900 schools from across 50 cities to gather a total of approximately 20000 participants from all over the country.

Registrations will be done at the ŠKODA Single Wicket partner schools in the selected cities which will be followed by the City Trials where the top 8 players will be selected to battle it out for the City Championship Title. The City Championship winners in the U12 & U14 categories will then travel to Mumbai to represent their city and school at the ŠKODA Single Wicket National Championships where the runner will receive a gratification of INR 5 Lacs and the winner INR 10 lacs.

The journey to success starts with a single step, or in this case, with ŠKODA Single Wicket.