Škoda brings you the most eccentric tournament this year, Single Wicket. Škoda Single wicket is an initiative to give chance to children under the age group of 12 and 14 years to fulfill their dreams of being a cricketer. Our ambition is to serve the cricket community by dispensing opportunities for young and upcoming cricketers to play undeviating cricket in schools, to provide an environment of participation, learning and success. Škoda Single Wicket’s objective is to cultivate the youth and their sportsmanship. We aim at delivering excellence and professionalism in the field and the community.

The gratification for the tournament is:

The tournament will be held in 55+ cities across the country and the finals will be hosted in Mumbai. The registrations will be happening at the school level in the selected cities which will be followed by the call for trials in the city. The round will be of the city trials for finals. The selected contestants of the final city trials will be later traveling for the National finals followed by the final National Final Single Wicket tournament and the winners will be declared on the same day.
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