Single Wicket Cricket, among other aspects, is a game of strength, skill and dexterity, allowing each player to showcase his/her individual talent.

Cricket is essentially a team sport where the talent of one individual may go unnoticed in the entire team’s performance. However, Single Wicket Cricket allows players to showcase their individual talent that will give them that push to the next level.

ŠKODA AUTO and Cricket as a sport, share the same principles of passion, drive and ambition at the core of their very existence and so, ŠKODA AUTO India is launching ŠKODA SINGLE WICKET, a nationwide hunt to find the next generation of budding cricketers in the U-12 and U-16 categories.

Before success comes opportunity, and ŠKODA SINGLE WICKET is offering parents a unique opportunity to unlock theirchild’s hidden talent, true potential and innate drive towards the journey of becoming India’s next National Cricketer.

The journey to success starts with a single step, or in this case, with ŠKODA SINGLE WICKET.


ŠKODA SINGLE WICKET aims to serve the Cricket community by providing exciting opportunities for young and budding cricketers to play consistent cricket in schools, to create an environment of participation, learning and success. ŠKODA SINGLE WICKET’s objective is to foster youth, sportsmanship, excellence and professionalism on the field and in the community.


To establish Single Wicket Cricket as a widely recognized and celebrated format of cricket skill testing, to recognize and unlock early potential in young & budding Indian cricketers, to promote and develop single wicket cricket by increasing the visibility of the format in schools and local communities.